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Uniform Supplies

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Telephone: 501-663-7305

Dress Codes and Standards

Clean and attractive clothing promotes a great self-image and a better environment for learning.
Therefore, our students are encouraged to dress in harmony with the basic principles of health, modesty, and appropriateness.
The following should not be worn to school or any school functions:

  • Jewelry, non-medical ID bracelets, rings, earring(s), and necklaces.
  • Extreme styles or coloring of hair.
  • Heavy makeup.
  • Immodest hemlines (above the knee).
  • Sheer, low-cut sleeves, tight fitting or fray (unstitched) clothing.
  • Fingernail polish must be natural looking (clear)
  • Hats, caps, bandannas, wave-rages, etc…are not to be worn in the building.
  • Braids are not to be worn by boys or any markings in their hair.
  • Flip flops or open back shoes are not to be worn by students.

School Uniform Requirements
Boys (Chapel Attire – Wednesdays)
Navy blue pants (or shorts PreK4-Grade 3 only)
White buttoned down shirt
School Tie (Navy blue #602) 15 inch clip-on $7.99
Navy or Black only
Solid black shoes only without any colored decorations or trimmings
Girls (Chapel Attire – Wednesdays)
(PreK-Grade 8) Navy blue jumper, skort, skirt
White buttoned down blouse
Navy blue (#507)tab bowtie
Navy or white socks only
Solid black shoes only
Hair accessories should be black, navy blue, white, yellow, or clear (transparent)

Boys (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday)
Navy pants or shorts
Yellow, Sky Blue, or White Polo
Navy or Black socks
Solid black shoes only
Girls (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday)
Jumper, Skirt, Skort, **Skirts should not be more than 2” above the knee
Yellow, White, or Sky Blue Blouse/Polo
Navy or White socks only
Solid black shoes only
Hair accessories – black, navy blue, white, yellow, or transparent (clear)
Boys & Girls (Friday)
Blue jeans pants or skirt
School T-Shirt only (Can be ordered from school) until available white will be used
White socks (required)
Tennis Shoes (no sandals or slippers)
BOYS & GIRLS Physical Education Uniform (Monday-Thursday)
Solid Navy Shorts
White T-shirt **(No decorations or markings)
Solid White Tennis Shoes (no other color should be worn)
White Socks
Additional Guidelines

  1. Tennis shoes are worn for PE, Fridays and Field Trips
  2. Only the school sweaters should be worn while school is in operation.  Any other sweater will not be acceptable.  School sweaters can be purchased from the uniform shop or ordered through the school.
  3. Sweaters should be worn with arms inside the sleeves (facing the right way) and not around the waist.
  4. Hoods or hats should not be covering the head while inside the building.
  5. Shirts and blouses must be tucked inside pants or skirt everyday (inside and outside of the building) while school is in session.


“Jean pants  are not to be worn by girls unless it is part of Friday Attire”